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Azure Stack enables lots of application patterns but the one that has got developers and business leaders most excited is the new hybrid application pattern. This pattern delivers a solution designed from the beginning to span Azure and Azure Stack to deliver the best of both worlds. Using this pattern developers gain access to resources in real time and low risk, and IT business planners can blend cost models to best satisfy their customer expectations and effectively manage bottom lines and business rules. A consistent application platform available both in the public cloud and their own datacenters is what makes all the difference here. Consider a global app rollout; with consistency, an application can be designed to have components deployed in different ways, yet maintain uniform behavior and management with no extra work.  It could now be that in the US components deploy to Azure. When the same app is deployed in Germany, where privacy rules diverge from the US, components could deploy to private datacenters or a local service provider datacenter, and so on. Only the combination of Azure and Azure Stack delivers this.


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